Eight students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy have been recognized for their efforts in cooperation during the month of April and have been named as the Students of the Month.

Each student has written a reflection on why they were chosen as the Students of the Month.

Kindergarten, Isabella Horvat: "I work well with my friends. I listen to my teacher."

First grade, Caylen Murray: "I was chosen as Student of the Month because of my cooperation with my teachers and classmates."

Second grade, Albin Petschauer: "I was successful with the groups I was put in to work with."

Third grade, Joshua Shelton: "I help my fellow classmates who are struggling to do their work."

Fifth grade, Kaya Small: "I stand up for others, greet people, and make others feel comfortable. Even if I don't like the person, I still act kind toward them."

Sixth grade, Theresa Muniz: "I cooperate with my teacher and my classmates. I try to help whenever I can."

Seventh grade, Antonina Zeleniak: "I do whatever my teachers say to do. I cooperate with everyone and don't give anyone a hard time. I could be a very good role model for my class."

Eighth grade, Joshua Jurick: "I do what I am told as soon as I am told to do it. I cooperate with my classmates and just try to get my work done."