Dear Editor,

Well, the elected officials to the Lehighton School Board did exactly as I thought they would. They went against the people who elected them and voted to spend more money to build new schools and sport fields. They got theirs and will force more people of this small community into homelessness. When elected officials no longer represent the people who elected them, they need to be removed from public service. If they don't resign, then they need to be voted out before they make more personal gains.

They are destroying this small town with higher and higher taxes and created many homeless residents already. They claim it's for the students. The students have to bring their own pencils and paper to school. And of course, if dad and mom become homeless, so do the children. We are past time for a change here and in the entire state of Pennsylvania. If our elected officials in Harrisburg do not pass HB 76 and Senate Bill 76, they will need to be replaced. Soon the school district will own every home, because no one will soon be able to afford to rent theirs from them.


Allen Heil