The Carbon County Commissioners now want to spend over 2 million dollars to build a walking bridge across the Lehigh River to some type of trail.

Yes, I know it is partially funded under some type of grant, but it is still our taxpayer money going to these low priority projects.

Here's a better idea to consider. Instead of spending even more money to demolish the "Old" bridge in Jim Thorpe reallocate these construction funds to renovate this bridge for pedestrian traffic only.

Install new fencing, Victorian type lights, benches, painting and a new surface. Vendors can set up booths during the tourist season; bikers can access Lehigh Gorge Park and also this historical trail.

It will be a lot more useful than a "foot bridge" to some type of trail. I have seen many of these bridges throughout Europe and they are a beautiful part of the town and used for many seasonal purposes.

It will be a very unique aspect to Jim Thorpe and certainly attract more tourism and economic funding to our community.

Robert V. Strauss