The Museum of Music will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Sovereign Majestic Theater, 209 Centre St., Pottsville.

This fun family event is free.

Museum of Music is a fun, creative event for all ages linking many cultures and ethnicities to great classical music. Large, elaborate puppets come to life and, together with handlers and professional musicians, tell the lively story of how music has evolved from around the world.

Musical selections include excerpts from jazz, opera, Hungarian, Russian, German, English, Spanish, Latin and American repertoire.

This collaborative program of educational entertainment has been developed by Mock Turtle Marionette Theater and the Pennsylvania Sinfonia Orchestra.

The show takes young listeners on an adventure in live classical music, puppetry and stories from around the world. Children discover their own roots in our great international music tradition. With the personable puppets as guides, meet an amazing mix of people, places and cultures that have contributed to classical music.

The performance will include a Russian folk dancer, a gypsy violinist, a jazz saxophonist, an Italian opera singer, Chinese court musicians and others who will lead listeners around the globe with stories about how classical music has evolved from their folk music. Move to the beat of professional musicians as they create a magical program of rhapsodies, fugues, arias, dances and other great classical forms.

Dough Roysdon is the master puppeteer. Musicians include Michael Toth, keyboard; Simon Maurer, violin; Debbie Davis, cello; Christa Warda, soprano; Karen El-Chaar, flute; Catherine DeBoeser, flute and piccolo.

A puppet making workshop for young children will follow at the Seniors Center in Pottsville.

The event is presented by Gabriel Chamber Ensemble and sponsored by Lipkin, Marshall, Bohorad & Thornburg, P.C.