Whether or not to tear down an old building, and how to get a deep percussion noise fixed at a lock, were among topics discussed at Wednesday's Walnutport Canal Association meeting.

During the meeting, President Doug Boerher said that in addition to a leak at Lock 23, there is also a "thunderous noise" at the lock that "sounds like somebody has a subwoofer in their car parked in front of your house, 24/7."

He said it has been ongoing and that neighbors in the area of the lock are growing increasingly upset about it.

"I went over yesterday and it was loud, it was bad," agreed Marilyn Kaul, vice president and historian, who said she heard it while at the locktender's house. She said, "Sometimes it's not as bad, but yesterday it was bad."

"There's definitely something wrong … and none of us can figure it out," said Boerher, noting it is something an engineer needs to look at.

He added that he has been trying to get ahold of project engineers Spotts, Stevens and McCoy, but is still waiting a callback.

Boerher mentioned last month's vote, made in his absence, to tear down an old boathouse at "Beersie's Bridge" on the northern section of the canal.

He suggested rescinding the vote so the canal association could keep the boathouse, preferably converting it into an open pavilion. He said the WCA could keep the property "rather than give up the real estate that we already have."

Plus, he said the project could probably be done inexpensively.

Some members expressed concerns about insurance and other issues that might arise by converting the building.

It was suggested members drive by the boathouse to get a better look at it before deciding what to do at an upcoming meeting.

In other news, Lehigh Township Rails to Trails President Nancy Thatcher announced that the organization would like to host a "senior day" sometime in early September at the newly revitalized Lock 25 picnic area and asked the WCA for help transporting those who may have limited mobility.

She said she has recently received requests from a number of older people in and around the area who remember either the lock area itself or who have fond memories of the canal in general and would like to see it.

Also, Kaul said association membership is up quite a bit and that donations may even be at an all-time high. Boerher reminded everyone there will be no canal association meeting in July.