The rusted metal bleachers at the Ginder Stadium in Summit Hill have been removed.

The removal was done by the SDL Construction Company of Orwigsburg. It took just two days to take them down.

They were condemned several years ago by Summit Hill Borough but weren't removed because the borough stores its salt and winter road maintenance materials beneath them.

The borough is in the process of building a new storage facility. There are currently no plans to replace the bleachers.

The work by SDL was done without charge to the borough. The company did the demolition in exchange for keeping the scrap metal.

Although the bleachers were condemned, individuals still climbed on them frequently.

The stadium was used by the former Summit Hill High School for its football games.

Today it is used for miscellaneous events, including a semi-pro football team, Little League baseball practice, school outings and social activities. A playground is also located at the field.