The Pleasant Valley School District board of directors approved, 7-0, (Dominick Sacci and Len Peeters were absent) purchasing two new vehicles for the district.

It will purchase a new 2014 Ford Utility AWD/with trade not to exceed $21,000 for school police security and a new 2014 GMC van, not to exceed $22,000, for a courier van.

The board approved the following hiring of personnel, 7-0:

Ÿ Kenneth Lursen and Michael Menzoff as security officers, casual security officers, part-time; Zachary Nagy, summer computer technician/substitute computer technician at $10.47 per hour; Paul Nieves, security officer part-time to security officer, full-time; Deborah Sandt and Marcia Taylor as bookkeepers, annual salary of $28,199 prorated.

In other business, the board approved, 7-0:

Ÿ Appointing directors Susan Kresge and Len Peeters as its PSBA delegates.

Ÿ Resignations of Anthony Candela, full-time security officer, effective Aug. 8, and Deanna DeFluri, part-time paraprofessional associate, effective June 18.

Ÿ Retirement of Mercedes Samson, part-time security officer, effective Aug. 30

Ÿ A Memorandum of Understanding by and between Lehigh Valley Physician Group and the district for the provision of sports physicals for the 2014-15 school year.

Ÿ A Memorandum of Understanding between the Monroe County Conservation District/Monroe County Environmental Education Center and the district for the 2014-15 school year.

Ÿ The request for the use of the school district facilities for local, state and federal emergency service organizations and agencies for 2014-15 as arranged through the office of the assistant to the superintendent.

Ÿ The request for Student Affiliated Organizations to meet at district facilities for 2014-15: Boys' Basketball Parents' Club; Girls' Lacrosse Booster Club; Girls' Soccer; Lady Bears Basketball Parents; PV All Sports Club; PV Band Parents; PV Baseball Booster Club; PV Boys' Soccer Booster Club; PV Cheerleading; PV Elementary PTO; PV Football Parents; PV Intermediate PTO; PV Middle School PTO; PV Softball Booster Club; PV Takedown Club (Wrestling); PV Volleyball Parents' Club; URSA Parents (Field Hockey)

PVI placement letters were scheduled to be mailed home to grades four, five and six during the week of July 14.