A pregnant woman was hurt Thursday afternoon as she fell while she was trying to get out of the way of an out-of-control car.

Mahoning Township investigated the five-car crash started by Angela Ouly, 93, of Nesquehoning.

Police said Ouly, driving a Dodge Neon, made an illegal left hand turn off of Route 443 into the Carbon Plaza Mall lot.

Afterward Ouly struck the curbing at the bottom of the parking lot; failed to stop at a stop sign by PNC bank driving through the intersection; traveled at excessive speed across the top of the parking lot; struck a shopping cart being pushed by a pregnant female who fell as she moved out of the way (transported to hospital); and struck two unoccupied parked cars.

One of the parked cars was pushed into a vehicle occupied by two people who were not injured. The shopping cart was thrown causing damage to another parked vehicle.

As a result of the investigation Ouly is being cited for careless driving and other related violations.