Dear Editor,

In regards to the Panther Valley budget for the school year 2014-15:

The school board cut 16 union employees, but maybe the new firm would hire them back, probably not at the pay rate they are receiving now. At least they will have a job.

If not, they're in the same boat I'm in because I worked for two different companies which shut down and moved out of the area, due to KOZ limitations. Due to these limitations, a new company comes into the area, which is a KOZ zone, and does not pay taxes for 10 years.

Some companies stay, others move out of the area after 10 years. If the company stays, you're in luck. If they move, you have to start all over, as in my case.

As for the budget with a 2-mill hike, I'm sure they could cut the budget even more, if they tried harder, without a tax increase.

Hopefully this is the last time this school district will raise taxes due to the Property Tax Independence Act. It will be voted on in the near future.

Robert Benek