Dear Editor,

I would like to address two issues in one letter here: Crossroads, courtesy of Richard Gross, Saturday, June 7, and Lehighton schools.

First of all, a great big thank you to Mr. Gross. We, the nation and the world, are in deep trouble, and we must wake up and come back to God. We can see daily where we are headed just by looking at our front page news and what has become most important to our news media. I mean all our news media, not just our local paper and news.

Secondly, our Lehighton School situation. Saturday, June 7, our local paper told us of 'a bleak picture for schools,' and that by the year 2018 there will be 500 bankrupt school districts in Pennsylvania. While many other school districts are reporting declining enrollment and closing of schools, we here in Lehighton are fortunate to be so affluent that we are looking forward to a magnificent, ego-building sports complex, a 4-in-1 elementary center, and even a business manager hired at $90,000 per year (the highest, I believe, in all area districts).

Are you feeling financially stable yet? Congratulations to the people of Lehighton School District. Thank God, we are so well off that we will not be one of the 500 bankrupt districts by 2018.

Ruthann Schlecht