People in trouble with the law who are facing court appearances in Carbon County will have to walk up the stairs.

According to reports, the elevator, which provides access to courtrooms 1 and 2, has been out of service for approximately a week, forcing court employees and visitors to take the stairs.

People who must go before Judge Steven Serfass in courtroom 3, still have access to an elevator, but that elevator does not provide public access to the rest of the 120-year-old building.

Accommodations are being made for people with disabilities who must go before a judge in courtroom 2, which is located on the third floor.

Roberta Brewster, district court administrator for the county, explained that the court staff has a plan in place in the event someone cannot make it to the courtroom using the stairs.

"If someone needs to get somewhere where we couldn't get them, then the judges would accommodate them by moving courtrooms," she said.

Brewster said that they did have one instance so far where a person was supposed to go before Judge Joseph Matika, but was disabled and unable to get to courtroom 2. Matika changed courtrooms for the person so that the hearing was able to take place.

The board of commissioners are currently working on getting the elevator repaired.

Eloise Ahner, county administrator, said that the county is working out the details with Schindler Elevator, who is under state contract to do elevator repairs. Once details are complete, the estimated $21,500 repair project can proceed.