Nine students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy were selected as the Students of the Month for the month of December for their efforts in displaying the virtue of respect.

Each student who was honored with receiving the title has reflected on their actions to help them achieve the award.

Kindergarten, Brody Breiner: "I show patience and politeness to everyone."

First grade, Morgan O'Brien: "I'm respectful to others. I try to set a good example for my sister, Megan."

Second grade, Elijah Feisel: "I help my teacher and help my friends, too. I hold the door for my friends and I speak nicely about everyone."

Third grade, Cameron Kehrli: "I say please and thank you. I respect my teacher and my classmates. I like to help out as much as I can."

Fourth grade, Rilan Gombert: "I listen to my parents and teachers. I take care of my books and my games. I am always willing to work together with my friends."

Fifth grade, Gabriella Greek: "I am patient when my classmates take a long time to answer a question. I never say, "That's easy!" It could hurt someone's feelings. I never interrupt an adult when I am being corrected."

Sixth grade, Katrina Horvath: "I'm kind to others, I get good grades, and I am respectful."

Seventh grade, Anthony Costello: "I understand that I should always show respect for everyone. I think it's important to treat everyone with respect."

Eighth grade, Isabella Blasko: "I'm kind and fair to all of my classmates and I respect teachers and other adults, too."