Once a hotbed for crooks, Blue Mountain Resort has seen a substantial downtick in the number of theft-related incidents.

The installation of a digital video-recording system to replace the former analog system has played a huge role in the reduction, according to Barb Green, president.

"It's definitely down," Green said. "We put cameras in everywhere."

Green noted that in 2012, Blue Mountain installed a new digital video-recording system to crack down on the number of thefts.

"We've beefed-up the training of all our security folks, as well as the cameras," she said. "There are times that we catch the person who has stolen the skis before they've even left the resort."

Green said that last year at this time, there were 10 reported incidents, compared to just one this year.

"I think everybody's gotten the word out that security is really tight out here," she said. "We've got all our security guys Act 235 certified; they're all really trained security professionals."

Green specifically praised Dave Kurz, head of security, for his part in the transformation.

"It's amazing," she said. "Our head of security has brought a lot of this investigative mindset."

Green said there are three things safe, clean, and fun that Blue Mountain stresses to its employees.

"We've spent a lot of our investment on those three things," she said. "The number of incidents have been going down every year."