Weissport Mayor Jonathan Troutman administered the oath of office on Monday night to a new council member, Brenda Leiby, and also to two council members, Paulette Watson and Gene Kershner, who retained their seats in the November election.

After the swearing in ceremony, Kershner was voted in as president and Sue Pywar, as council vice president.

After Kershner was reseated, council set to reorganizing for 2014. Jillyan Sterling was retained as secretary and Connie Brown was named treasurer. Attorney Mike Greek was retained as borough solicitor and Duane Dellecker was retained as code enforcement officer. Benesch Engineering was retained as engineering consulting firm.

Council tabled named open records officer, borough auditors and setting the rate for bonding for the treasurer.

Kershner then set committees for 2014: Finance Committee, Pywar and Kershner; Park and Recreation, Pywar and Leiby; Police and Safety, Watson and Leiby; Street and Flood, Watson and Arland Moyer; and Property, Kershner and Moyer.

Council will continue to meet at 7 p.m. the first and third Monday of each month.

The Weissport Recreation Commission will meet the first Sunday of each month.

After resetting committees, council voted to discontinue payment of J-NET, which Police Chief Steve Armbruster said was not a necessary expense. He said that he relies on the Comm Center to provide the same information.

Moyer reported that UGI is being held up by weather to complete the gas line project.

"As soon as the weather clears up, they will be shoving the plastic pipe through and tying it from Franklin Street to the Lehighton side. When the gas line project is done, then PennDOT will begin working on the bridge project."Sterling said that she isn't sure how council computes its garbage bills, but to her calculation, council should receive $118,520 for garbage costs over three years and the contract was for $104,250.

Moyer also noted that he has performed a lot of volunteer hours doing borough maintenance and asked to be paid for half of the hours he works.

Council approved paying Moyer for half of his hours at the rate of $9 an hour.