One man suffered burns and 65 residents were evacuated two times after a stubborn fire hit a seven-story apartment complex in downtown Tamaqua Sunday and then rekindled a few hours later.

The blaze, which, according to Tamaqua Fire Chief Tom Hartz Jr., was caused by careless smoking, erupted shortly after 9 a.m. in a rear, third-floor apartment of the Majestic Housing Complex, which was occupied by a 60-year-old resident.

The unidentified man suffered burns to his knee and elbow, and various cuts and was taken to St. Luke's Hospital - Miner's Campus, Coaldale, for treatment.

Residents were evacuated and then allowed to return to their units within an hour. However, the blaze flared up again and a second alarm rang shortly after 11 a.m., forcing another full-scale evacuation.

Food, water, blankets and even hot meals were provided to firefighters and displaced residents by the Tamaqua Diner, Tamaqua Salvation Army, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Tamaqua Volunteers.