Carbon County Friends of Animals needs your help.

The shelter, located at 900 Walnut Ave., Jim Thorpe, which cares for cats, is looking to raise enough money to purchase a piece of property in the county to move its current shelter operations to a bigger facility.

The current shelter is busting at the seams, Kimmy Mulik, a board member for CCFOA said recently, and cannot keep operating efficiently in it.

The all-volunteer group found a piece of property that the board feels would be a good fit for the shelter and provide the much needed space for the cats to spread out within the building.

Right now, they are asking for help from the community to see if they can raise enough money to help make the purchase a reality.

"We're reaching out to our donors and asking for their support," Mulik said, noting that the organization is asking for promissory notes at this time. The promissory note for the building fund can be found at CCFOA's website at

Mulik added that CCFOA is not collecting the money for the building fund at this time, just the promissory notes. That is because they want to make sure the sale goes through before they need to collect the money from their patrons.

"No donation is too small," she said, adding that the notes can be mailed or emailed to the shelter.

Susie Yaich, co-founder of CCFOA, explained the move is long overdue because the current building doesn't have nearly enough room to accommodate the rising number of felines and care for them properly until they can be adopted.

"Unfortunately, the way we are operating now is not how we would like to be," she said. "If we don't get another location, we may be forced to close in the future because we cannot continue like this."

Yaich added that the shelter is operated solely on donations from community members and through fundraisers.

If the shelter would close, that would mean that other accommodations for the current 160 cats housed in the shelter would need to be arranged if homes could not be found, which would not be an easy task, Mulik said.

"If we close, the community would be at risk for diseases," she added. "We're here for the people and the animals."

"If you have ever adopted a cat from Carbon County Friends of Animals, ever had to surrender your pet, or if you have taken advantage of our rabies clinics or low cost spay and neuter programs, please think of us and donate because all of this was made possible through the community's support," Yaich said.

Carbon County Friends of Animals has been in its current location since 2001, after moving out of the animal shelter on the Broad Mountain in Nesquehoning because they outgrew the space provided for them.

The site now includes a shed to house additional cats that cannot be placed in the main building.

"It's just not a healthy environment for the cats and it is just not conducive to our needs," Mulik said. "If we get the new property, these animals will not be roaming free outside, but they will have more space to enjoy indoors. That is our dream for these animals."

If you would like to help the shelter, visit the website, call the shelter at 570-325-9400 or email

Donations for the current operations of the shelter are also being accepted. Monetary donations or supplies can be dropped off at the shelter during business hours or can be made online.