With a series of storms dumping layers of snow over the region, borough crews have been busy clearing streets.

But where do the tons of snow go?

"We have several locations we can dump snow," said Tamaqua public works director Rob Jones. "Up by the bungalow at the former Little League field; the lot at the end of Center Street, which is the former Hosak Pontiac property on Route 309 at the south end of town. The (state Department of Transportation) now owns it and gave approval for the borough to dump snow there."

Jones said the borough can also dump snow next to the Dutch Hill ball field and other sites, including an area near Kellner's Dam and at the Taggartsville area off Route 309 and haul roads on property owned by the former LC&N company.

"We haven't had to use that yet," Jones said.

The borough could also use the parking lots at Owl Creek Reservoir.

"That's a last resort," he said. "It takes too long to get out there."

Coaldale dumps its snow on various fields, including the Seek baseball field, at the Coaldale Complex, and behind Ridge Terrace, said council President Angela Krapf.

Palmerton street crews take their loads of snow to two municipal lots one by the borough garage and another at a former playground at Fourth and Lehigh streets, said borough manager Roger Danielson.

"We dump it either at the bottom of Flagstaff Road, and there's a parking lot on the top of Hill Road," said Jim Thorpe street supervisor Jim Trainer. "Right now I have space, but we're still trying to get the streets cleaned up. We'll find room somewhere."

Nesquehoning Streets Committee Chairman Don DeMarco said his borough dumps snow over a bank in a field near the Maple Shade Meadows nursing home. The land is owned by the Kovatch Corp.

"We're fortunate to have it this close," he said. "We dump it over the bank (to prevent) kids from making tunnels in snow banks, because that's dangerous. They can collapse."

DeMarco said that on Friday, four trucks brought in snow from streets and street corners, coming and going, from 7:30 a.m.to 3 p.m.

"It was non-stop action, like an assembly line," DeMarco said.

The borough can also dump snow in other areas, including land near the sewer plant. But the Kovatch property "saves us a lot of time," he said.

Summit Hill secretary/treasurer Kira Michalik Steber said her borough dumps its snow at Ginther stadium or next to St. Joseph's church.

"Any open spot we have," she said.

Lansford street crews are hauling their snow to the lot at the municipal swimming pool, said council President Martin Ditsky.

In Lehighton, borough crews truck the snow to land along the Sgt. Stanley Hoffman Boulevard, said borough manager Nicole Beckett.

"The bypass is where we go with the bulk of it," she said.