Jim Thorpe Area School District approved a two-year agreement Tuesday night that would keep a majority of troubled youth out of its schools and attending classes at the Youth Services Agency's Penn Forest Township campus.

Jim Thorpe Superintendent Brian Gasper said he couldn't put an exact number on how many of YSA's students would come to Jim Thorpe this school year.

"We'll evaluate each of YSA's students and determine where they best fit," Gasper said. "The kids at YSA are there for a reason. They've either gotten in trouble at school or at home. If we determine they fit best at YSA's facility, that is where they will attend class."

Gasper said Jim Thorpe received data on 30 YSA students today.

"That doesn't mean they are enrolled here or are coming to Jim Thorpe," he said. "It means we can start the review process."

No financial terms of the deal were released.

The agreement was approved by a 6-2 vote with Glenn Confer and Walter Schultz voting against it.