The state Department of Environmental Protection has a suspect in the case of two piles of destruction and demolition debris illegally dumped Wednesday night in Carbon County.

One big pile was dumped on the lot of Snyder Tire on Route 443 in Lehighton. The other was dumped at Torco on Riverview Drive in East Penn Township.

The construction company is believed to be from New Jersey, according to DEP spokeswoman Colleen Connolly.

"The company has been on our radar," Connolly said.

How the refuse got from the company to Carbon County is also being investigated.

"We have not ruled out a local company as a suspect," Connolly said.

DEP is also investigating reports of three other piles dumped in the area. One has been reported in East Penn Township and two others in the McAdoo and Rush Township areas in Schuylkill County.

"We're looking into them," Connolly said.

The piles dumped in Lehighton are not hazardous, Connolly said.

But the refuse does smell, according to Bob Snyder, owner of Snyder Tire.

"It stinks so bad. It's all full of mold," Snyder said.

The pile on his property contains building materials, wood, paper, garbage and even part of a swimming pool.

And this is not the first time his property has been dumped on, Snyder said. It's actually happened several times.

"They get paid to haul to a landfill in Ohio and drop it off somewhere along the way," Snyder said.

Now that the refuse is on his property, cleanup is an issue. Connolly said unfortunately the property owner is responsible.

Snyder said, "The police said they'll get back to me with the name of the driver."

He's hoping to get the responsible party to clean it up.

Connolly thanked local police departments for their cooperation with the investigation. Franklin, East Penn, Mahoning and Lehighton police departments were on scene in the two locations.

If people notice a dump site, they are asked to call DEP at 570-820-4854 or 1-888-723-3721. If people get a recording, they are asked to leave a message.