A Monroe County man, convicted of killing his girlfriend and their child, had a death warrant signed by Gov. Tom Corbett on Monday.

Michael Parrish was convicted on March 30, 2012, of killing his girlfriend, Victoria Adams, and their 19-month old son, Sidney Parrish. On April 2 the same jury that convicted him of first and second degree murder, ruled he should die for the murders. The following month he was sentenced to death.

The killings occurred at the couple's home near Effort in July 6, 2009. State police at Fern Ridge said Parrish was convinced Adams was cheating on him and that's why he shot her.

At the time of the killings Parrish was a guard at the Monroe County prison.

On April 21, 2010, Parrish tried to plead guilty to the killings but county President Judge Ronald Vican rejected the plea, calling Parrish's statements "a defense." He then went on trial.

Parrish, who is an inmate at the state correctional institution at Greene, Franklin Township, Greene County, is scheduled to be executed on Oct. 14.

Executions are carried out at a former field hospital near SCI Rockview in Benner Township, Centre County.The last person executed in the state was Gary Heidnik in 1999. Currently there are 184 inmates on death row in the state, 181 men and three women.