Dear Editor,

In regards to the speed limit being changed from 65 mph to 70 mph on parts of I-80, I-380 and parts of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in my opinion I think 65 mph is fast enough on these roads.

I don't know if anyone else besides me has had a tire blow out at 55 mph. Nothing happened to me, and I regained control of the car. I lost the hubcap. I didn't find it either.

If I was traveling at a speed higher that 55 mph, it could have been devastating. So will traveling at a speed of 70 mph or even higher, because some will travel faster in these areas. How much is your life or a family member's life worth?

When I travel on these roads I set my cruise control at a safe speed I am comfortable with. It also saves gas. Happy motoring. "Speed kills." Thank you.


Robert Benek