As volunteers pick up litter and sweep up debris, Lansford police will be knocking on doors to talk with residents about the borough's quality of life ordinance, and to hand out warning tickets about high weeds, broken windows and old tires, automotive parts or discarded furniture sitting outside homes.

The activities are part of Lansford Alive!'s annual spring cleanup campaign.

The community improvement group partners with the state Department of Transportation's Great PA Cleanup.

Volunteers are encouraged to turn out for the effort. The group will meet at 9 a.m. Saturday at Kennedy Park. Lansford Alive! will provide gloves, vests and bags. Volunteers are asked to bring their own rakes, shovels and brooms.

In conjunction with the cleanup, Operation Clean Sweep launches at 8 a.m., said Chris Ondrus, Lansford Alive! president and borough patrolman.

"Residents will see quite a few police officers out in uniform. We'll blanket the town. Each officer will have an area to cover. We'll be going door to door, looking at properties that need to be tidied up as far as the quality of life ordinance goes," he said.

Police will be looking for violations of the ordinance, including high weeds, broken windows, household furniture on porches or alongside houses, piles of old tires, trash, automotive parts and other items.

"It's unsightly. These are items that should have been thrown away that never were," Ondrus said. "Police will talk with residents. If they see a violation, they will let people know. They'll pass out copies of the ordinance and warning cards," he said. "We want to go out and talk with people before we start issuing tickets and citations. We felt that would be fair, in case people didn't know this ordinance exists."