Nesquehoning police have a new contract.

During the borough council meeting on Wednesday, the board approved the new contract for its police force.

Before the vote, council President David Hawk said that the officers and the Fraternal Order of Police approved the latest contract draft.

The contract is retroactive to Jan. 1, and is in effect until Dec. 31, 2017.

Hawk said the three officers that the contract covers will receive a 1 percent raise in 2014, a 1.5 percent raise in 2015, and a 2 percent raise in 2016 and 2017. The average salary for a Nesquehoning police officer is between $26 and $29 per hour.

Other than the pay increases, the officers will also get a bump in the training tuition budget, from $500 per officer to $1,000.

Hawk noted that this contract does not include the police chief. His contract is still in negotiations.

In other matters, Nesquehoning Mayor Sam Kitchko provided the March police report.

The total money received last month was $2,780.26. There were 49 citations issued, 39 were traffic-related and seven were non-traffic. A total of 449 incidents were reported last month and the officers patrolled 4,038 miles in the cruisers.

Councilman Michael Sniscak Jr., questioned why the borough stopped paying for the used fire truck at Hauto Fire Company.

In 2006, according to the minutes Sniscak had, borough council indicated that it would make five payments of $12,000 to cover the cost of the used rig; but the borough only paid half of the cost.

Councilman Frank Jacobs said that there was a motion that said the borough would only pay half of the amount.

An easement in 2010, signed by the fire company and borough, stated that Nesquehoning would pay the whole amount.

Sniscak asked that this matter be looked into and rectified. The minutes will now be reviewed to see what motions took place to see if more money is owed.