A Carbon County man who entered a Lansford home looking for drugs along with another man, and who was scared off by a gun-toting grandfather protecting his grandson, pleaded guilty in the county court Tuesday and was immediately sentenced to a prison term.

Brian R. Kehl, 31, of Summit Hill, pleaded guilty before Judge Joseph J. Matika to one count of criminal trespass, a felony three.

Kehl and Joseph Becker, 31, of Coaldale, entered the home at 313 W. Water St. on Feb. 27 allegedly looking for a person named "Cody." Originally they said he owed them money.

While in the home, the two restrained a 16-year-old boy who was in the home. Kehl held the boy while Becker searched the house. After a short time, Kehl let the boy go to help Becker.

The boy ran to an adjoining home and told his grandfather, Dave Knittle, what was going on. Knittle then went to the home armed with a 9 mm handgun and confronted Kehl and Becker.

The two men then fled the home. At the time of the incident Knittle said, "I didn't do anything any other grandfather wouldn't have done."

On Tuesday, Kehl told Matika that he had entered the home looking for drugs. He admitted to a drug addiction problem but wanted to get help.

Matika sentenced him to serve four to 23 months in the county prison and ordered him to supply a DNA sample, pay court costs, which average about $1,000, pay a $50 per month supervision fee, render 75 hours of community service when released on parole, and zero tolerance imposed on drug and alcohol use.

He was given credit for 41 days spent in jail to date on the charge.

Becker is scheduled to have a pretrial conference in the district attorney's office on May 2.