Easter is more than bunnies and colored eggs. It is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who conquered sin by dying on a cross and promised eternal life to all those who believe in Him.

The Barn in Kunkletown wants to share that message with the public this weekend through its free event, "Scarlet Steps," from 6-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

"It is a mixed media interactive art experience. It will take people through the Easter story by way of art and creativity," says Jeremiah Dowling, The Barn's youth ministry coordinator and the youth pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Kresgeville.

He got the idea from a church in Lancaster.

The name, Scarlet Steps, means it is an opportunity to reflect on the steps Jesus took to the cross as visitors walk through the experience. Steps that lead Jesus, bloody and beaten, to a cross.

"So in a sense the name represents the steps Jesus took to cover our sins with His blood and His sacrifice," Dowling said.

The top floor of The Barn has been sectioned off into five stations: the Temple, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Empty Tomb.

"I didn't just want paintings to help tell the story. I wanted all aspects of art and craftsmanship. So some people used their creativity and talents to design the different scenes for each station, including landscaping. Some did paintings and sculptures. I like to write poetry, so I wrote a poem. There will be music and a video. It is a collaborative effort using all mediums of the arts," Dowling says.

The Scarlet Steps is open to everyone and is a family event for people of all ages. You walk it at your own pace. There will be seating at each if one cares to stop and linger. It is an opportunity to experience Easter through a time of reflections, contemplation, art and creativity.

"And it's for people who maybe don't know the story of Christ. This could be the first time they hear the story," says Dowling.

After the walk-through, there will be refreshments available in the lower level where there is plenty of comfortable seating, and visitors can feel free to discuss the experience.

The Barn is a faith-based student ministry passionate about three things: disciplining, serving and connecting. This takes form in one-on-one mentorship relationships with each student, in outreach to the local community, and in building a deeper community among the area churches to enable the Body of Christ to truly be united. Under the umbrella of a bigger organization, Touch the World a ministry which seeks to be build the kingdom of God through local, global and short-term out reach The Barn strives to see the kingdom of God flourish in the Pocono area.

The Barn is located on Garden Spring Road, at 706 Kunkletown Road, Kunkletown.

For more information,contact Dowling at jeremiad@TouchTheWorld.org.