The Jim Thorpe Rotary club held a dinner for its senior Students of the Month program Tuesday evening at the CCTI cafeteria. Student participants from the Jim Thorpe Area High School and the Carbon Career and Technical Institute will now have the opportunity to attend local Rotary club meetings to "gain an appreciation of a community service organization."

The Rotary organization provides humanitarian services, encourages high ethical standards and strives to promote peace and goodwill worldwide.

The Jim Thorpe Rotary Club enjoys a long and distinguished record of service to the community and consists of local leaders in banking, business, education, government, health care, law and the military.

In addition to the Student of the Month program, the Rotary Club also provides college scholarships, a dictionary program for all third graders within the district, a Christmas gift program for disadvantaged youth, an essay contest and scholarships to attend the summer Rotary Youth Leadership Institute.

Additionally, the Jim Thorpe Rotary Club also supports the Rotary International's agenda of national and international programs through the Rotary Foundation.