Mementos from Slatington Elementary's past and present will be buried so that they may again be discovered in the future.

Northern Lehigh School District officials announced on Monday that a time capsule will be put in the cornerstone of Slatington Elementary School.

Gary Fedorcha, vice president, Northern Lehigh School Board, spoke highly of the facility.

"It's a lovely building," Fedorcha said. "It took a long time to get to this point."

Superintendent Michael Michaels noted that students are now able to learn in an up-to-date facility.

Greg Derr, director of support services and transportation, said some of the items that will be placed inside the time capsule include a Slatington Elementary yearbook; the original dedication program from when the structure was built in 1972, and the rededication of the building; letters from students, teachers, and staff; and copies from several news publications.

A crowd of about 100 people attended the rededication of the facility in August 2012.

The $20.4 million renovation project resulted in a new classroom wing, as well as a new district administration wing; the existing classroom wings were reconfigured and changed from an open concept to individual classrooms; and the school's administrative spaces were relocated from the center of the building to the newly constructed main entrance, which provided a secure vestibule.

In addition, the cafeteria, kitchen, gymnasium and other spaces were completely renovated.

New heating and air conditioning, along with new fire and security systems, were installed. The bus drop off area was separated from the parent drop off area to provide safe circulation around the site. Finally, a new playground was also included with the project.

The new, 110,000-square-foot building contains 24 classrooms, three computer labs, cafeteria space to seat 225 people, and an expanded gymnasium to seat 675 people.