A longtime eyesore located at 208 Gay Street in Tamaqua is scheduled to be torn down this Friday and Saturday.

The Borough posted the demolition order October 12th of last year. The order lists Kathleen Cuoco of Jim Thorpe as the owner.

On September 26 of last year, the Tamaqua Borough conducted a nonintrusive observation of the dwelling after receiving multiple complaints about the condition of the structure.

The observation was to investigate the partial collapse of the exterior front porch and exterior rear wall, to determine the structural stability and overall condition of the building in regards to the safety of the surrounding structures and safety of pedestrians.

The dwelling also suffered a collapse of the interior upper floor and several holes in the roof.

The order states that on March 19, 2009, the Borough of Tamaqua sent Cuoco a Notice of Dangerous Building and Order of Removal. The notice ordered the demolition and removal of the dwelling with 30 days, due to the overall condition of the unsafe structure as described in a prior notice dated March 19, 2009.

An emergency demolition order posted on the building states that the structure is in imminent danger of complete collapse and an extreme danger to the public and the surrounding structures.

Council awarded Shey Industries the bid ($10,721) to demolish 208 Gay Street. Four companies submitted bids.

Parking will be limited on Gay Street during the demolition and debris removal.