Sherry Whitehead says that for the past seven years the Meed's United Methodist Church in Nesquehoning has been serving free supper meals to anyone who stops by.

Whitehead said that the idea came to her and, under the guidance of former Pastor Mike Netznik, they proceeded to take the plan and run with it. It has been very successful and with the support of a store donating desserts and breads, this adds to the popularity of the program.

Each month (the last Wednesday of the month) numerous prople stop by from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to get a free meal. There is also a jar set up for donations which covers the food.

Meed's Church offers other community services.

Each month there are free haircuts.

The clothing store is always open for a minimal price asked for each article of clothing. But if there is someone who is in need they are glad to give or find them what they are looking for. Recently a young woman came in asking for baby furniture. The church was able to find furniture for her.

A rummage sale is held annually with proceeds used to buy coats, etc. for those children in need.

At Christmas they make sure needy children have a happy holiday with the assistance of the Nesquehoning McDonald's.

Every Sunday before Thanksgiving, turkeys are donated and the members cook a grand Thanksgiving dinner for anyone with reservations. There are generally two times that the dinner is served that day.

There are just a few members in the church who help in each endeavor, but they have been very successful.