Should a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Sixth Street and Delaware Avenue in Palmerton?

One resident believes so, and asked borough council last week to consider taking such action.

Maynard Silliman, who lives at 605 Franklin Ave., suggested it may be "about time we look into putting a light in at Delaware Avenue and Sixth Street."

Silliman said a Dunkin' Donuts shop is scheduled to open, and wondered where the extra traffic generated by the new business would ultimately come out.

Council President Terry Costenbader told Silliman this wasn't the first time council has been approached with the idea.

"Back a number of years ago, I'd say 10 to 15 years, we looked at putting a light in there," Costenbader said. "It was not cost-effective, really."

Borough manager Rodger Danielson said that the state Department of Transportation would have to conduct a traffic study at the intersection.

Furthermore, Danielson said that PennDOT did do a traffic study at the intersection several years ago, but that it "didn't find that volume of traffic supported another light."

Umer Khan, owner of the Sunoco Gas Station at 577 Delaware Ave., said he doesn't believe a traffic light would be of any real benefit.

"I don't think it's going to make any difference," Khan said. "I think it might slow people down."

The manager of the Rite Aid Pharmacy at 601 Delaware Ave., declined to comment on the situation.