The Carbon County Animal Response Team is looking for help finding the owner of a goat.

Diane Sharpless, the president of CART, said the team was notified Monday by the county Emergency Management Agency that a goat was wandering along Route 903 in Jim Thorpe, in the area of the future Pennsylvania Turnpike entrance. Reports stated that the goat had been seen in the area for a couple of days.

Four CART volunteers were dispatched to the area to see if they could capture the animal.

Sharpless said the first two members on-scene were able to catch the goat relatively quickly.

Sharpless added that the goat appeared to be healthy, with only a few scrapes. The animal is now in foster care until the owner could be located.

Vets in the area were contacted to see if they know who the goat belongs to.

If anyone has any information regarding the goat's owner, please contact Sharpless at 570-778-6886.