Visitors were treated to a honey pot full of knowledge during a free honey bee and beekeeping presentation held recently at the Faces of the World venue, also known as the old First Presbyterian Church, 224 West Broad St., in Tamaqua.

"The lecture was offered to grant the curious a chance to look at what is involved with beekeeping," said co-host and local artist Stephen Bennett.

Donating his time teaching guests was Tamaqua beekeeper Bob Reed; who has been working with hives for the last four to five years. Currently, Reed owns five hives, but has been caring for up to nine at a time, some belonging to a friend.

"My hives are outside of Tamaqua, as I don't know if bees can be raised inside town," said Reed. "It is a fun hobby with the side benefit of maybe getting some honey to use or sell, whatever you desire."

If you want to make money, this is not the right business to go into," added Reed.

Some topics discussed included how bee's live, hive design, overwintering basics, bee health, how to get started with your own bee's, and the cost involved in getting started.

In addition to the informative lecture, Reed provided a demonstration on how honey is extracted from the frames and jarred.