A letter of protest is being sent to President Barack Obama by the Schuylkill County commissioners asking him to suspend the New Source Performance Standards regulations because they will have a negative effect on the coal industry.

"As County Commnissioners we are one of the closest government representatives to the people and every day we see people in our area struggling to find jobs in this tough economic climate. Because of NSPS unfairly hurting the coal industry with destructive regulations, many Pennsylvanians working families in Schuylkill County will see their utility rates rise, at a time when most people are struggling to pay their bills nationwide," commissioners said.

"These regulations force coal-fired power plants to reach air standards that are unattainable even with the latest modern-day technology. Additionally, these regulations do not even give these plants the chance to reach these threshholds by banning new upgrades that could make the plants cleaner and more efficient," the letter continued.

"We respectfully ask that you use your executive authority to temporarily halt the harmful NSPS regulations, to allow coal fired power plants the abillity to find a more reasonable solution for clean air standards. Coal is cheap, affordable and reliable energy that also creates American jobs; something Democrats and Republicans can both agree on is a good thing."