Earlier this month at the 51st PASR Convention held in Lancaster, the Carbon Chapter of the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees was recognized for the exceptionally broad array of services that its members provide to others living in their communities.

During the past year, the members of the Carbon Chapter raised and contributed monies to help fund special projects in their public schools and engaged in additional projects, as volunteers, to serve the youth in their communities. The chapter members also increased their giving of monies to assist school retirees who are hospitalized, homebound, or confined in assisted living facilities, and they devoted much of their time engaged in efforts to combat and alleviate hunger in their communities.

Additionally, the school retiree volunteers in Carbon County received top honors for their work in expanding and improving economic benefits for members and for expanding and improving the information that they regularly provide to both members and nonmembers of the association. The association was pleased to note that no other local organization received a greater number of awards this year, enabling Carbon members to claim the distinction of being a "three-star chapter," only one of seven statewide. In addition, of PASR's 76 chapters around the country, only two chapters achieved two-star status, and only 11 chapters attained one-star recognition.

PASR's executive director Richard C. Rowland commended Carbon Chapter for its accomplishments.

"Our organization's mission, to serve others in need and help one another enjoy retirement, is clearly in your hearts. You are certainly benefiting your communities with all that you are doing to serve the needs of public education employees, the youth, the infirm, and the hungry. We all know that in doing these great things, you are helping each other better enjoy the retirements you earned from your public school service."

For more information about Carbon Chapter and the many services the chapter provides, contact chapter President Janet O. Hall at johall@ptd.net or at 610-377-3040.