Several members of the Towamensing Volunteer Fire Company visited Towamensing Elementary School during Fire Prevention Week.

Billie Jo Moyer, an EMT/firefighter, and Captain Wayne Knirnschild, spoke to the students about the importance of smoke alarms, having an escape plan and an outside meeting place as they visited each classroom.

They demonstrated how a fireman looks when he or she wears 80-90 pounds of protective clothing and gear, which includes an air tank that makes the firefighter sound like Darth Vader from "Star Wars."

They explained to the students in case of a fire to always feel a closed door. They should lay the back of their hand on a closed door and if it's hot, don't open it. If it's cool, they can open the door to escape and to crawl to avoid smoke inhalation.

Ann Bachert, a Towamensing Volunteer Fire Company member and treasurer, filled the front entrance showcase at Towamensing Elementary School, with various items and information to commemorate Fire Prevention Week so it's the first thing students see when they arrive at school.