Come Friday, one teacher at Pleasant Valley High School, will be granted the privilege of becoming its first human ice cream sundae.

Why, you might ask?

Kiki Adams, a PVHS senior and a member of the Leo Club and the Diversity Club, is only too happy to explain.

Last year hope came to PV in the form of an unorganized movement to spread hope and positivity throughout the district and community through acts of kindness and spreading the message.

During the summer, Adams continued to think of ways to spread that message. She was also researching colleges she might want to attend that offers programs in neuroscience, the field she would like to major in. She learned about the National Brain Tumor Society, which funds research to cure brain tumors, especially in children.

She babysits for PVHS paraprofessional associate Melissa Dennis's two sons, Dominic and Luca Fabbricatore. One of the boys told her about the Penny War that was held at PVE last year.

Kiki talked to Dennis, who is also the adviser for both Leo and Diversity Clubs. Kiki presented her with the idea of a Penny War to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society. After receiving the school's permission, she ran with it. Posters were plastered all over the school. Then all she needed was incentive for the kids and staff to want to donate their pennies. This is what they came up with.

There are nine departments in the school. Each department selected one teacher to represent it. Each of those nine teachers had their picture on an empty water jug placed throughout the school. Everyone was invited to bring in as many pennies as they could. Every penny was worth one point.

But sabotage could prevent the others from winning by adding silver coins and dollars to the jugs to cancel out points.

The jug that has the least amount of points determines which teacher will become the first PVHS human ice cream sundae at the Pep Rally on Friday. That information will not be revealed until the Pep Rally.

The Penny War started Monday, Sept. 23 and ended Sept. 27 but if anyone would like to donate, you can still do so by going to the link at

"It's been a lot of fun. I think the kids are really looking forward to who will be the ice cream sundae," says Kiki.

Stay tuned to see who will wear the cherry on top.