The Tamaqua Drama Club is presenting something a little different for its fall/winter production a two act play written entirely by students.

"Bee My Baby" was written by Jacob Gursky, a junior class member, and sophomores Sophia Gursky and Aimee Hull.

The trio took Jacob's interest in bees and the workings of a bee colony, added the human element of forbidden love, tossed in some humor and created a tale that also serves as "good social commentary," according to Sophia.

"Jacob has always wanted to do a play about bees. I'm proud that something we improvised in my kitchen has actually come to life," notes Aimee.

"We just used common knowledge about bees to map out the plot, added a dramatic love story and added a lot of improvisation," explains Jacob.

This is also the first year that drama club has been open to middle school students, according to Drama Club adviser Adriane Drum.

"The board of directors recently approved the move, allowing students in grades 7 -12 to become drama club members. We're trying to create a larger school community by allowing more student involvement. For a lot of them, this is their first production. Students are also responsible for the design and creation of the sets and the playbill."

Aimee plays the part of Queen Elizabeeth, who also represents a corrupt power structure. The romantic leads are Annabee, played by freshman Zoe Snyder, and Robee, portrayed by junior Daniel Lee. The worker bees represent the common man. The play has a cast of 32 and crew of 27, mostly newcomers.

The production includes several musical adaptations, performed by "The Beetz," composed of Emily Barrett, Alicen Hull, Hoyt Gyuricsek and Abby Billig.

Mrs. Drum serves as director/scenic director, with recent Tamaqua grad Erika Cassell as assistant director and choreographer. Mrs. Kristine Betz serves as music director, while Mrs. Jilian Tuckett serves as marketing director. Ms. Laura Makuta is makeup director. Middle School Art Teacher Kim Woodward and her students created the sets.

Will the worker bees be able to overthrow the power corrupt queen and live happily ever after? You can find out when the Tamaqua Drama Club presents "Bee My Baby" this Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 13 and 14. Doors to the Tamaqua School District Auditorium will open at 6 p.m. The curtain goes up, both nights, at 7 p.m.