Heritage Hill Senior Living held its 10th annual Veterans Day celebration on Thursday. The center opens its door to not only the 24 resident veterans, but to other veterans living in the Weatherly area.

There were about 100 people present at the program, which included a luncheon and several guest speakers.

One of the speakers, Henry M. Desrosiers of Carbon County Veterans Affairs, spoke of the honor he feels serving the local veteran community.

"We must remember the price that has been paid for our freedom," Desrosiers said. "Being a veteran is an honor and veteran is a title of honor that must be earned."

Desrosiers noted that of the 24 veterans who are residents of Heritage Hill, 19 had served in World War II.

"I find it inspiring that there are so many World War II vets here at Heritage Hill," Desrosiers said. "My research turned up that there were 16 million American service men and women who served in World War II; of that number, only 1.7 million are still around."

Rep. Doyle Heffley also spoke to those in attendance.

"Military service builds character and discipline," Heffley said. "I used to worry about the military. I wondered if the younger generation would serve their country. But since 9/11 we have seen our younger generation step up and I believe that it is because of the example set by veterans like you."

Heffley presented certificates of appreciation to the 24 veterans who call Heritage Hill home. He also announced that the county would be hosting a Veterans Expo on Nov. 26 at the American Legion in Lehighton from 4-7 p.m.

Heffley also encouraged the veterans to share their stories so that they are not lost.