Two Tamaqua men escaped serious injury Thursday afternoon when mechanical problems caused a pickup truck to go out of control on Bowe Street in the borough. Shane Evans of 243 W. Broad St., Tamaqua, was behind the wheel of the 1993 Ford Ranger, which had been parked on the west side of Bowe Street, facing uphill. He and Martin Sedlock, of 71 Bowe St., were preparing to go to a junkyard. As Sedlock opened the passenger side door, Evans tried to put the truck in gear. Instead of going forward, the truck began to roll backward and Sedlock jumped clear. When the brake pedal went to the floor and the emergency brake didn't work, Evans turned the wheels, aiming for the curb instead of continuing down toward a busy intersection. The truck jumped the curb, struck a fence and continued into a garage. The vehicle then came to a stop, the rear hanging precariously above an approximately eight foot drop. Personnel from Hope's Towing removed the truck, which was then towed away for safety reasons.