Members of the Bach and Handel Chorale performed for an overflowing audience recently at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. Organizers added that the performance was held as a dedication to the late Michael M. Zuber Jr, a member of their bass section for several years.

Some performances consisted of "Alleluia", "My Song in the Night", Dona Nobis Pacem", and "I'll Always Have a Friend."

Members of the choir consist of director Randall Douglas Perry, Genevieve Beck, Corinne Newhard, Lisa Semanoff, Mary DeGioia Bogin, Eleanor Perry, Shannon Shughart, Angela Mosely, JoAnn Schoenberger, Leta Thompson, Priscilla Becker, Susan Hand, Barbara Schmidt, Jackie DePue, Cynthia Kern, Marian Shuler, Gerri Gardiner, Susan Lovejoy, Susan Snyder, Esther Meier, Marcia Teeno, Art Boesler, John Fosdick, Gwen Thomas, Ursula Demetriou, Michael Granahan, Chris Cronshey, Wilfred Gardiner, Edward Sayre, Kim DePue, David Mace and Bill Thompson.

Proceeds of the performance benefited the center.

A special dedication in the program for Zuber read," Everyone appreciated his quiet strength. Mike was a very special person; and his love of music, motorcycles and family was second to none. Even though his death was untimely, he is now at perfect peace."