A new congregation met in its new location at 2257 Long Run Road, Lehighton, on May 3. The assembly is in the process of incorporating as a nonprofit organization to be named Grace Bible Church.

Pastor David Eroh, who resigned from Lehighton Bible Church on Dec. 16, 2012, following more than 42 years of service, is the new pastor of Grace Bible Church.

The church members of Grace Bible Church had been holding Sunday services since March 17 in a room at the New Hope Drop-In Center, Lehighton.

The location on Long Run Road became available and following a monthlong renovation period, the church is now ready for occupancy. Volunteers painted the building and hymnals were donated by another church which was updating their hymnals.

"The use of the building was donated by Mary Ann Ahner, a member of the church," said Pastor Eroh. "We purchased upholstered chairs locally at a furniture store."

Immediately before the March 3 service, the Rev. Eroh was pleasantly surprised by the membership when he was presented a new pulpit which was made by Mark Zerbe, a member of the congregation.

Grace Bible Church will be holding services each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Anyone interested in studying and understanding the Word of God, rightly divided, is invited to attend and worship at the new church.

Pastor Eroh said that he missed his brief respite from the teaching ministry and was only happy to minister to the new church.

"They love my teachings of life, death and the hereafter," he said. "They wanted me so I came back."

Pastor Eroh said, "We go by faith."

Each Thursday he visits the sick and shut ins.

Pastor Eroh also has had a radio ministry every Sunday for 25 years. The show aired on WYNS and then WASH.