Dear Editor:

Standing at the supermarket I over heard people talking bal, bal, bal..

Yes I know the economy is not good.

Yes I know that life does not deal you straight aces.

Thinking about this on my way home I saw my first humming bird for the spring. Looking around, seeing all the just starting to bloom buds, all the wonderful delights, we take for grant, made me happy.

So yes

Life is not a secret but living with secrets is no life.

Life gives you hard knocks but kisses always make the boo boos better

Life doesn't deal you a straight pokers hand so play crazy eights.

Life sucks so buy a gum drop.

Life goes in the wrong directions so drive a different transportation.

Life, if it weren't for back luck I'd have not luck at all.

At less you have a life to have bad luck.

My mom had a sign

Thank God for dirty dishes for they have a tale to tell

While other people go hungry at least we are eating well

So yes

Life is not a bowl of cherries

Life is not a picnic

Life gives you a song and dance sometimes.

SO by all means

Have a picnic, eat a bowl full of cherries, hum with the birds, sing and dance.

If the ants rain on your parade, ship them in a boat to another county to be coated in chocolate.

My concept of life.

Raelene Eckley