Athletes in Carbon County Senior Games' horse shoe competition Tuesday knew how to pitch.

The South Team stayed ahead the horse shoe pitch, at Baer Memorial Field in Lehighton.

The South Team is composed of senior citizens from the Lehighton and Palmerton school districts; the North Team is composed of Panther Valley, Jim Thorpe/Penn Kidder, and Weatherly districts.

At the close of horse shoes, the top total scorer thus far was Lehighton, with 575 points, followed by Jim Thorpe with 295, then Panther Valley with 164, Palmerton with 111, and Weatherly with 21.

The individual results for the horse shoe pitch were:

Men 60-64: James Ketchledge, Lehighton, gold; Larry Klotz, Lehighton, silver; and Robert Shanagen, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

Men 65-69: Lee Getz, Lehighton, gold; Ray Berger, Palmerton, silver; and Harrison Yerger, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

Men 70-74: Merle Hunsicker, Lehighton, gold; Ronald Fritz, Lehighton, silver; and Maurice Infante, Panther Valley, bronze.

Men 75-79: Gene Brickett, Lehighton, gold; Henry Long, Lehighton, silver; and Charles Furler, Palmerton, bronze.

Men 80-84: Peter Daniels, Lehighton, gold; Hayden Snyder, Lehighton, silver; and Charles Messina, Lehighton, bronze.

Men 85+: Tom Wehr, Lehighton, gold; Charles Wilson, Jim Thorpe, silver; and Al Feuerstein, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

Women 60-64: Linda Daubenspeck, Lehighton, gold; Linda Swartz, Palmerton, silver; and Susan Ditterline, Palmerton, bronze.

Women 65-69: Ardella Eidem, Lehighton, gold; Mary Lou Sherel, Jim Thorpe, silver; and Anne Marie Hinkle, Weatherly, bronze.

Women 70-74: Carol Bevacqua, Palmerton, gold; Brenda Zellers, Weatherly, silver; and Marie Haberman, Lehighton, bronze..

Women 75-79: Marva Snyder, Lehighton, gold; Barbara Klass, Lehighton, silver; and Dorothy Contrady, Weatherly, bronze..

Women 80-84: Bessie Bauschpies, Lehighton, gold; Mary Pituch, Panther Valley, silver; and Doris Bray, Palmerton, bronze.

Women 85+: Helen Neifert, Panther Valley, gold; Stephena Kurtz, Palmerton, silver; and Jodee Cutola, Lehighton, bronze.