The South Team stayed on top Thursday in the third day of the Carbon County Senior Games.

The teams are divided into North and South. The South Team is composed of Lehighton and Palmerton; the North Team is composed of Panther Valley, Jim Thorpe/Penn Kidder, and Weatherly.

After Thursday's pool tournaments, the top scorer was Lehighton, with 237 points, followed by Jim Thorpe with 134, then Panther Valley with 74, Palmerton with 69, and Weatherly with 6.

The individual results for the basketball shoot contests were:

*Men 60-64: Charles Fugarino, Jim Thorpe, gold; Lewis Herochek, Panther Valley, silver; and Larry Klotz, Lehighton, bronze.

*Men 65-69: Charles Parsons, Jim Thorpe, gold; Dennis Getz, Lehighton, silver; and Ray Berger, Palmerton, bronze.

*Men 70-74: Robert Sluck, Jim Thorpe, gold; Ed Bailey, Jim Thorpe, silver; and Joe Brennan, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

*Men 75-79: John Power, Jim Thorpe, gold; John Furler, Palmerton, silver; and Roy Miller, Lehighton, bronze.

*Men 80-84: Bob Perkins, Panther Valley, gold; Charles Messina, Lehighton, silver; and Francis O'Donnell, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

*Men 85+: Charles Wilson, Jim Thorpe, gold; Al Feuerstein, Jim Thorpe, silver; and Don Neifert, bronze.

*Women 60-64: Linda Swartz, Palmerton, gold; LaRae Hlavaty, Lehighton, silver; and Paula Musselman, Panther Valley, bronze.

*Women 65-69: Mary Gilhool, Jim Thorpe, gold; Maryann Smolczynski, Panther Valley, silver; and Sherry DeWald, Jim Thorpe, bronze.

*Women 70-74: No contestants.

*Women 75-79: Grace Wilson, Jim Thorpe, gold; Louise Bishop, Lehighton, silver.

*Women 80-84: Mary Pituch, Panther Valley, gold; Frances Hager, Panther Valley, silver; and Sue Dopira, Panther Valley, bronze.

*Women 85+: No contestants.