Members of the Meals on Wheels board stepped back in time at their last meeting.

President Darlene Nothstein handed past President Irene Shinsec a white envelope that was sealed 25 years ago and placed in a time capsule designed by the late Warren E. Siegmond in the form of a rocket named the S.S. Palmer Enterprise and built by the New Jersey Zinc Co. It was buried in the southwest corner of the borough park on Oct. 8, 1988 and was unearthed in August 2012, a couple of months shy of Palmerton's Centennial in October.

Inside the envelope, which was in remarkably good condition, were seven items. One was a pink plastic magnifying glass/letter opener with the "Meals On Wheels" imprint. Another item was a Meals On Wheels brochure with the history and current information about it. It was noted that three meals a day for five days a week cost $22. Today's meals are $35 a week.

The other five items were newspaper articles about Meals On Wheels Palmerton dating May 6, 1980 to Dec. 1982.

The board's assistant treasurer, Jonathan Siller's mother, Carolyn (Peg) Siller and Dr. Jane Goplerud, the original founders and coordinators of the Meals on Wheels Palmerton, were featured in a couple of the newspaper photographs.

"This was wonderful to see. I'm so glad everything was in such good condition," said Nothstein.