A Volunteer Luncheon was held Tuesday afternoon at the PathStone Carbon County Head Start Center in Coaldale. Organizers said the event was held to honor those who routinely commit their time to help enrich the lives of children by volunteering in classrooms, holding special events and donating items.

"The Luncheon gives us the opportunity to thank everyone for all they have done and continue to do," said Jeanette Triano-Sinn, Center Administrator, PathStone. "Volunteers are a big part of PathStone."

Gaetana Thompson, Family Service Coordinator, who had the task of tallying up all the volunteer hours to determine who is invited to the event, personally thanked everyone during the program. She also pointed out that the center is a federally funded program requiring them to match funding. "A major part of the matching funds come from those volunteer hours," said Thompson.

Also on-hand to thank dedicated volunteers were BillieJo Swartz, Family Service Worker; Cerissa Kibler, Home Visitor volunteer; and Sutia Alston, teacher.

Volunteers with 3 or more years of support were recognized during the program. Others were also acknowledged, as well as given certificates of appreciation. Head Start volunteers acknowledged were Servete Bushati, Kacie Clemens, Susan Costanzo, Christina Costillo, Carrie Crouch, Maria Dean, Joyceann DeHart, Jerry Dillon, Kelly Gott, Tayler Gottschall, Barbara Hiler, Sadie Kerestes, Jenny Kopp, Johanna Kraeuter, Michelle Kreitz, Abbigail Lindstrom, Jessica Marshall, Michelle Massicott, Kimberlee Monks, Rachel Nisen, Angela Paules, Lucy Pearson, Adrian Politi, Elise Reabold, Mary Hne Sabol, Dana Schlier, John Shemansik, Cindy Smith, James Strauss, Tina Strubinger, Laura Sword, Sara Weikel, Nicole Wieand, Laura DeMaio, Nancy Doerr, Shannon Kalfas, Tara King and Scott Mouery. Early Head Start volunteers acknowledged were Darragh Baker, Lauren Berger, Tammy Buccilli, Stephanie Chapman, Kristi Edmonds, Erica Ferrell, Danielle Labenburg, Kira Lamberth, Amber Miller, Jennifer Moretti, Larissa Murray and Heather Rodriguez. Community volunteers recognized were Dave Duffy, Joseph Garritano, Clarissa Geary, Micah Gursky, Lyndsay Kusko, Florije Mehmedi, Sylvia Moyer, Kenneth Stauffenburg, Ebony Sykes, Kevin Thompson and Sam Wieand.

"It is only through the active participation of devoted parents and guardians like you that your child will continue to grow and learn," said Thompson. " You are your child's most important teacher."

After the program, volunteers were treated to raffle prizes and a lunch prepared by staff.