Three Tamaqua emergency service volunteers were in the right place at the right time as they were walking by the rear parking lot of the Majestic House Thursday.

As they passed the lot someone yelled to them that a car was on fire. The three (consisting of Shawn Phillips of the Tamaqua Ambulance, Tim Phillips of Citizens Fire Company, and Kyle Oliphant of the South Ward Fire Company) grabbed fire extinguishers and put out the fire.

Their quick response limited the damage to the driver's front seat. George Fredericks, the owner of the car, a green Buick LeSabre, told police officer Karl Harig that he must have dropped a cigar ember in the seat.

Fredericks added that he smokes in his car because they aren't allowed to smoke inside the building. When asked by firefighters if this will stop him from smoking, Fredericks simply replied, "No way."