Carbon County residents want to be heard when it comes to issues they face.

That's why U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey's office held a Casework Day in Lehighton on Tuesday. Regional manager Marta Gabriel was on-hand during the event, held at state Rep. Doyle Heffley's office, to hear what needs to be done to help residents on the federal level.

During the day, Gabriel spoke with over a dozen constituents from Carbon County on various issues, from veterans affairs, to disability, Social Security, Medicare, and immigration.

She said that she finds these days to be helpful for the senator because he uses the information she gathers from his constituents to make decisions on policies.

"People want government to work for them and I think this is a classic example of government working because we are coming to them and trying to help," Gabriel said, noting that she takes all information back to Toomey's main regional office in Allentown, where caseworkers follow up with constituents and try to help solve the problems. "It (Casework Days) gives me and Sen. Toomey a good sense of what the people's needs are and what their concerns are because we can't talk about policy unless we know what the people's concerns are."

Gabriel noted that she plans to set up another Casework Day for the near future because it is popular in Carbon County.

The last Casework Day, held in January, was a busy day for Gabriel, who saw 17 constituents during the six-hour event. At the time, Heffley asked to her to return for another day because his office was receiving a lot of requests from county residents.