Parents of Panther Valley High School students can relax: Contrary to rumors that spread like wildfire on Facebook, there was no specific threats made by a student to inflict harm, said Superintendent Rosemary Porembo.

Parents were upset after reading posts on the social media site that a student had issued threats on Thursday to shoot other students on Friday.

"That is not true. We never took any type of shooting threat," Porembo said early this morning.

She said that a student was disciplined yesterday, and told to leave the campus. Later, another student approached administrators and told them that the disciplined student "was going to do something today."

High school Principal Joseph Gunnels stood outside as students moved from buses to the building. Porembo said he was not there to escort students into the building, but to "make sure that everything was orderly."

She said police were called to make sure that disgruntled students understand that the district is prepared to back up its rules.

The district did not notify parents, Porembo said, "because there was no definite threat. Everything was handled. If there was a threat, we would have closed the school."

Efforts to reach Summit Hill police early Friday were unsuccessful.