Those attending services on Friday night at First Presbyterian Church Lehighton were among the many people around the world who gathered to celebrate World Day of Prayer. The service was sponsored by Life (Lehighton Interfaith Fellowship).

Women in 170 countries around the world came together to observe an offer a common day of prayer.

Each year a different country serves as the writer of the World Day of Prayer worship service, interpreting the Bible in their own context, and lifting up issues of mission, justice and peace that are important to them. This year France prepared the World Day of Prayer Service. The theme was "I Was a Stranger and you Welcomed Me."

The French WDP Committee looked for a Christian response to the struggles concerning immigration and for ways to welcome "the stranger." Through visual interpretation and personal stories, participants could put themselves in the shoes of the stranger, remembering their own feelings of being on the outside and the blessing of welcoming.

The WDP service began at the first sunrise in the Pacific region, and followed the earth's orbit to spread around the world. Participating in the service from the host church were, Gerry Andrews, Bill Lester, Tracy Lester and Shirley Stamm.

Other persons participating were, Mary Kay Levandusky, All Saint's Episcopal Church; Jean Gothard (pianist), Jenny Keiper, Joan Mertz, and SALM Emma Weaver, Grace/Zion Lutheran Church; Rose Marie Austin, St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church; and Rae Grow and Shirley Radler, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.